Learn More About The National Football League

In North America there is no bigger spectator sport than the NFL. While millions of people watch the games each week, NFL gambling has millions of participants as well. Sports books experience action that is unrivaled by any other sport in the world. While gambling is intense during the regular season, it is during the playoffs and Super Bowl where even more money exchanges hands.

Relocating Teams

The popularity of the league is not lost in Canada and Canadians are just as excited about the games each week as their friends in the south. There are many Canadians who closely follow the league and home that one of the franchises eventually moves to the north. If this were to happen, Canada would then have a team in all of the professional sports leagues in North America. It would also provide Canadians with a team to support in the league.

Online Sports Books to Bet on NFL

No matter which sports book that you choose to sign up with, you are going to be able to find odds for NFL gambling as all sites offer their players the chance to wager on various teams. The amount of money that is generated through wagering during its short season is simply astounding. Every Canadian friendly sports book will offer great odds on each of the games. Some of the sites that you may want to consider include Bodog, Sports Interaction, William Hill, Bet365, or Uwin.

Betting Odds for NFL Football Gambling

There are many different wagers that can be made on this exciting sport. You can simply do a straight wager for the team that you think that is going to win. If you pick the right team, you will be paid according to the odds that are set by the sports book. If the team that you picked was favored to win, you are going to win less than if they were not the favorites. Sometimes picking an underdog for a game can pay off big, especially if the odds are greatly against the team.

Betting on the Playoffs and Super Bowl

When it comes to placing big wagers the playoffs and the Super Bowl are the biggest games of the season. This is where the most wagers are made and where the most money can be won. As any team that loses is automatically done for the year, there is a lot at stake for a team to win to move on. The odds on these games are quite high and even if you do not place a wager all year, betting on at least the Super Bowl is well worth it.


The NFL is one of the most exciting sports to watch. This is one of the reasons that NFL gambling is so popular. Consider one of the sports books above for your account and start placing wagers on your favorite team today.