Place Your Bets On Football

The CFL (Canadian Football League) is a solid foundation of Canadian culture. The league provides a different game than found in the NFL as the field, ball, and end zone are all bigger and the rules are a bit different. These combine for a game that is more open and broader, which Canadians enjoy a great deal. One of the great parts of the overall experience is CFL gambling, with many Canadians taking enjoyment on placing wagers on their favorite teams.

Top Sites to Bet on CFL

One of the biggest appeals of the league and industry is CFL football gambling. This is a tradition among Canadians and there are many online sites that cater to this tradition. Some of the best sites for CFL gambling include Sports Interaction, Bodog, Uwin, William Hill, and Bet365. Each of these sites offers a great welcome bonus of anywhere from an extra $100 or more to match the amount you deposit on the site.

Differences in Wagering

There are some differences in wagering on this league as opposed to betting on the NFL. A person needs to consider the difference between the two games and how this will affect the overall result of the game. There tend to be much higher scores in the CFL as everything in the game is bigger than in the NFL. Many games will hit over 50 points quite easily, which is why bettors who favor the over typically do quite well. While many lines makers are focused on the NFL, sharp punters will pick up on the great odds provided by the Canadian Football League. Americans tend to focus on the NFL, but if they would simply look up they would see the great odds provided by betting on the Canadian variation.

Placing Wagers

There are several different types of wagers that can be made on the Canadian Football League. Each game will have a favorite, and this is the team that is expected to win the game. Wagering on the favorite will provide the gambler with higher odds of winning, which means the amount that can be one is less. Wagering on the team that is not the favorite will increase the stakes, but the chances of winning also become less.

Proposition Bets

There are many proposition wagers available as well. These include gambling on how many touchdowns will be scored during a game as well as whether or not the game will be finished in regulation time. More important games such as playoffs will offer even more types of proposition wagers from which to choose.


This sort of gambling offers a fun way to make watching Canadian football games that much more interesting. People have been wagering on these games for a long time and now there are many online sports books that make placing these wagers that much easier. There is no need to visit a brick and mortar casino as you can simply place your bet from the comfort of your home.