Best Canadian Sportsbetting Sites Online

When it comes to Canadian sportsbetting online, players are often overwhelmed by the statistics, the terminology and all of the different websites that are available. Fortunately, betting sports online in Canada is not a difficult task once gamblers learn the basics. Here, we will provide all of the information gamblers will need to get started.

Common Sports for Betting

While gambling on sporting events has been around for centuries, it is though that the original gamblers wagered upon things like horses, dogs and other animals that were bred and trained to race. Later, people began to bet on boxing matches that took place in various venues across the country. As baseball, basketball and even soccer gained popularity, these sports were added to the mix. Canadian sportsbetting online revolves around hockey while it is in season, and even American football is a popular sport among Canadian bettors. Now, with the advent of the television and televised sporting events, sportsbetting is an incredibly popular pastime.

Trouble with the Wagers

In the early days of sportsbetting, most of the wagers were placed using a money line system. This simply means that bookmakers allowed players to wager upon the teams or animals they felt would win using a system of odds. However, this caused some problems since everyone would bet upon the favored team; neither the bookmakers nor the bettors could win anything in this manner. As such, the ability to bet on a point spread was developed and is now one of the most common bets used in online sportsbetting. Essentially, the player chooses the number of points by which the favored team will win--or even the number of points by which the underdog will lose--and wagers upon this. It presents a better opportunity for everyone.

Betting on Totals

Once baseball, hockey, soccer and football games were televised regularly, bookmakers were again forced to come up with new ways for players to win. Thus, the Over/Under bet was created, allowing players to wager on what they believed would be the total of all of the points scored in the game without any regard for the winner of the game. This proved to be a great way for the bookmakers to earn money, and bettors who could successfully win this wager were paid out handsomely. As it turns out, Over/Under bets are still quite common today.


When it comes to determining the potential winner of an event, the potential point spread or even on the total score of the game, gamblers must be able to understand various statistics. While the information available in land-based bookmaking venues is limited, online bookmakers will often provide information, odds and more for gamblers to review. This information may seem complicated and difficult to understand at first, but it is presented so that making gambling decisions is simpler and easier. Of course, understanding a rivalry between two teams, how offensive and defensive lines clash, and even the potential of individual players cannot be overstated.