What are the Fastest Payout Options in Online Casinos?

When it comes to online withdraw methods, there is no denying that all Canadian players want the safest, fastest payout options possible. No matter how safe the venue is, how many games it offers or even how excellent the customer service agents are can make up for the frustration that individuals feel when they have to wait forever to receive the money that they are entitled to. So, what are the best choices possible when gambling online? Let's take a look.

Notes for the United States

People who live in the US are at a huge disadvantage due to the regulations passed by the government in 2006. While it is not technically illegal for individuals to enjoy real-money casino games in the country, the UIGEA has made it very difficult for financial institutions and gambling venues to do business with one another. As such, the choices here have been seriously limited and many people have given up even trying to find a venue or method that works.

Credit Cards

Much of the Canadian population chooses to use credit cards to fund their accounts, and these provide a moderate processing time. Essentially, while payments are credited to their accounts immediately, withdrawals are subject to a waiting period of between 48 and 92 hours depending upon the chosen venue. However, once this has elapsed, users should get their money relatively quickly.

E-Wallet Service Providers

There are some people who choose e-wallet service providers simply because of the enhanced level of security they provide, but these are unfortunately not the fastest payout options. While exact times will vary based on the venue and the e-wallet service that is chosen, it generally takes several days - even as many as 10 business days - to process requests.

Bank Transfers

For those who really want their cash fast, then bank transfers are undoubtedly the best online withdraw methods. The reason for this is that the venue has to validate the players' information prior to linking with the financial institution, so this is a step that doesn't have to be repeated unless the routing or account number changes. As such, waiting periods are generally shorter and, other than that, requests can be processed instantly for the most part. Individuals should check with their independent financial institutions to determine whether or not any restrictions are imposed on that end.

Choosing the Right One

There is no one solution that is right for everyone, but bank transfers to provide the fastest results and the most security at the same time. Of course, there are benefits in using credit cards and e-wallet services, too, so individuals should just do their research and find out which one best suits their own financial wants and needs. No two banks, credit cards or e-wallets are the same, either, so it's impossible to determine exactly how long these things will take. Of course, reading reviews like this can help anyone make better, more knowledgeable decisions.