Popular Casino Jackpots

With all the games in the market, there's simply no way that you'll be able to distinctly identify every one of them based on the jackpot they give. There may often be times where you'll reach the point where all the jackpot seems alike to you, but there's no doubt that there will be a couple or more out there that will stand out when it comes to the ultimate reward they give. This popular jackpots for casinos are often those with heaven-defying amounts that may change one's life. Who wouldn't want to play them, right?

Knowing the popular casino jackpots will be like equipping yourself with knowledge of where to play next. This kind of jackpots not only presents how exceptional and life-changing they are - it also means that they are achievable even if the chances are low. Most of the time, that incredibly low chance paired up with a jaw-dropping reward is all a person needs in order to be motivated to play a game and to give you that very chance that you've been looking for, here's a list of some of the jackpots and their corresponding games that you need to look for.Also, if you consider yourself to have quite the pocket when playing, you can also try to win jackpots at luxury casinos. Not only will you be presented with an extravagant and luxurious experience in its establishment - you will also have the chance to bring home astonishing amount of prizes that you'll undoubtedly feel unending awe from.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

When it comes to popularity and grand reward, there's no doubt that the jackpot offered by Mega Moolah isn't second to anyone in the market. This progressive slot, offered by Microgaming, not only has the greatest reputation when it comes to fairness and quality, it also has the biggest jackpot prize in the casino industry with a staggering amount of almost 8 million in its network. With the grand, brimming prize offered by Mega Moolah, everyone will surely muster up the courage to try it every now and then, and expect to trigger some luck that may bring them closer to its jackpot prize.

Wheel of Fortune Slot

The Wheel of Fortune is simply an omniscient game that never gets left outside the discussion circle when it's all about luck. In the casino industry, it is also one of the most revered game with popularity on par with Mega Moolah. The game is simple, but the prizes are far from something you'd get every day. Millions and millions of cash prize is in stake in every round of the Wheel of Fortune and in fact, it has awarded a lucky winner only this 2016. That lucky winner brought home a jaw-dropping amount of over $4 Million. Who wouldn't want to experience such event as well, right?

Hall of Gods Mega

One of the biggest software development company, the Net Entertainment also didn't allow itself to get left behind in the discussions about jaw-dropping jackpot prizes as they also developed the Hall of Gods, another mesmerizing progressive game that has millions of jackpots in store for the lucky winner. Given that it comes from Net Entertainment, there's no shred of doubt about its fairness and quality which is already a huge plus to those who are willing to try it. Not to mention, with almost $4 Million at its pot and still counting, it is only logical for any wager to try out their luck with it.