Best Canadian Bingo Sites Online

People who want to play bingo online will be glad to know that there are multiple venues from which they can choose, and each one offers something different. It isn't as fast paced as some other gambling games, but there is a chance for players to win significant jackpots. Many online venues specialize only in bingo but, in some cases, actual online casinos offer 24-hour Canadian online bingo rooms, as well.

How to Play Bingo Online

In a traditional game of bingo, there will be a total of 75 numbers that might be called during the course of the game. Players can purchase one or more bingo cards that each have 25 squares; these are presented in five rows and five columns under the letters B-I-N-G-O. The center space on the card is given as a free space, and this can help players create winning combinations. The goal of the game is to create a line of five consecutive spaces horizontally, vertically or diagonally in order to call a BINGO and win the jackpot. If more than one player calls BINGO at the same time, then the jackpot is divided equally.

Calling and Marking Spaces

The host of the bingo game, or the virtual caller in an online game, will call out a letter and number combination. For example, if the host calls G-56, then the player will search his or her cards under the letter 'G' for the number 56 and mark that space by clicking it. Bingo games are held at various paces, as well. Those who are new to the game may want to find a game that moves slowly until they catch on -- or even one that automatically marks the spaces as the numbers are called. Experienced players can move onto quicker games to provide even more chances to win during a session.

90-Ball Bingo

Another way to play online bingo Canada players will love is in a 90-ball variation. Here, rather than the traditional 75 balls in the 'hopper', there are 90. The grid itself, rather than a 5x5 pattern, is a 3x9 pattern. Like the standard game, the caller will call letter and number combinations which the player will click to mark off. Rather than the game ending after the first player calls BINGO, it continues until a certain number of balls have been called. The person with the most completed bingos after this time wins the jackpot. Players who cross off all of the numbers on their cards win the 'Full House' prize, which is the largest by far.

Social Features

Just because the game is played online does not mean that players cannot socialize with one another. Most of the time, there is a chat feature on the screen that allows players to talk, congratulate one another, and even enjoy a bit of friendly competition. These chat rooms are also moderated so there is no vulgarity, name calling or bad sportsmanship. After all, bingo is supposed to be a relaxed and friendly game that provides a shot at winning a nice prize.